Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Cat And A Meese- DONE.

That's right. A Cat And A Meese is done and has been submitted to the Girls With Guns Anthology ( Now I wait and see if it's accepted.

Again, regardless of whether it is accepted or not, I will be posting the PDF on the blog. I'll wait until the Anthology is published, though- unless it's rejected.

Also... coming up next!

The Junkyard Unicorn
Down Came The Moon
A Different Kind of Magic (also known as The Wolf And I, and no, it isn't a werewolf story.)
The Nightmare Witch

All short stories, all in, or past, their first drafts. All... coming to a blog near you. Or at least the progress reports are. If I find anywhere to submit them, then I will.

And.. the book I know you all are anxious to read...


And much, much more.

The cliffhanger, of course, is... will my story be accepted? Tune in next week, folks, to see if Lassie rescues Timmy from the well!

With much hope,

PS: Does anyone actually read this?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Cat And A Meese

Been a while, eh? Well, I've been busy. But now you got me for an entire week and a bit! And I'll have a present for you soon.

A Cat And A Meese
Short Story, 5279 words
Status: Past the third draft and being buffed and polished.
Description: Meese goes hunting Kitty, and something else hunts them. Sci-fi/fantasy.

Thaaaaaaaat's right! This little gem, formerly known as Kat and Meese, is mostly done. In fact, the entire thing is done except for a few things to hum and haw over in the description. It's been through a few critiques on, and someone rated it 4/5. Sounds promising, right? Well, it's certainly got my hopes up. I read the story, and look at the, and think: "Hey... this might just work."

In other news, Meese has hit a standstill due to my focus on A Cat And A Meese and an ill-timed schooling in mathematics (seriously, when is a good time for a math course?), but that will, if I have anything to do with it, change. I've also glanced back at Junkyard Unicorn's first draft, and it doesn't look so bad now. Also have ideas for a story about a shadow with a name, short story probably, and random stuff working up.

Also, for those of you not wanting to download A Cat And A Meese if it should be accepted into the Girls With Guns anthology, I will be posting it here, on my blog, as soon as I figure out how to pdf it and find a webhost to... host.. it.

Till next time,
Kelly, Kitty, and Meese.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kitty 2

The train rumbled on in the tunnel, skreeing on the rails and clattering across junctions with a booming sound that did little to instill confidence. Kitty, pressed against the other standing passengers, was getting dangerously bored. Someone's suitcase was riding up her leg, and everyone was too close and there was nothing to see outside the windows except lights flashing by and the occasional Exit sign glowing briefly by. She shifted around a bit, and repositioned her leg against the luggage.

"Lost your way, my little elemental dear?" Said the lady to her right in a rather familiar voice. Kitty looked over, and bumped into suitcase man as the train rumbled around a corner.

"Got your attention, I see," said the lady's breasts. Kitty stared.

"Boobies," said the boobs, and then the hand she held began to laugh.

What the hell? Said Kitten, who, if looks were any indication, was the only other one to hear the voice. Kitty smiled. The laughter jumped back to the boobs. The woman who owned them was trying not to look at Kitty. Kitty laughed, too. She was beginning to like this voice.

"What are we doing tonight, Brain?"

She wondered if she could exchange it for Kitten. It seemed so much more fun. Somehow, however, she didn't think it worked that way.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Demon Printer

It is time to dust off the demon printer.

It has been laying, dormant, under a decorative pillowcase in the living room for years now. We disconnected it when we moved the computer, and decided to keep it disconnected because it seemed more interested in printing wingding sentences than what we asked of it. When we'd insist it print what we wanted, it would shudder and sigh and, begrudgingly, spit ours out. After dawdling over every line of ink, of course.

I'm excavating it. I actually kind of like the wingdings. Happy faces and peace signs were, as I recall, the most prominent. I figure it's time to make peace with it.

Short post. I'm alive. All two of you that come here :D