Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Cat And A Meese- DONE.

That's right. A Cat And A Meese is done and has been submitted to the Girls With Guns Anthology ( Now I wait and see if it's accepted.

Again, regardless of whether it is accepted or not, I will be posting the PDF on the blog. I'll wait until the Anthology is published, though- unless it's rejected.

Also... coming up next!

The Junkyard Unicorn
Down Came The Moon
A Different Kind of Magic (also known as The Wolf And I, and no, it isn't a werewolf story.)
The Nightmare Witch

All short stories, all in, or past, their first drafts. All... coming to a blog near you. Or at least the progress reports are. If I find anywhere to submit them, then I will.

And.. the book I know you all are anxious to read...


And much, much more.

The cliffhanger, of course, is... will my story be accepted? Tune in next week, folks, to see if Lassie rescues Timmy from the well!

With much hope,

PS: Does anyone actually read this?