Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1a. Kitty in the Airport

Kitty stood in the airport lobby, staring idly into space. In front of her, a piece of luggage swung round and round on the tin carousel, passing by her every thirty seconds or so. The place was otherwise empty of people, except someone behind the counter at the lost articles place and the guards at the gates. Her eyes were beginning to glaze over. She was getting dangerously bored. From behind her came the sounds of more luggage sliding down to another carousel, and the screens around her flicked the new flight on the display.

A man also came from behind her, and politely cleared his throat.

“You’re late,” she said, without so much as a twitch.

“I’m sorry- ah- customs,” he said. His accent was thick with German.

Sauerkraut, she thought, and that was all it took to turn her mood.

“I, ah, appear to have been followed,” continued the man. She turned around and looked behind him. Five uniformed guards were approaching them.

She grinned.

“Go get your bag,” she said, and he stepped around her.


Second half coming soon. I know what happens, just gotta write it.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Colour at the Top of the World

Well, I sure know how to deliver on my promise of Kitty! /sarcasm

Shit happened. I'll try not to make more empty promises. Here's some consolation candy.

A Different Kind of Magic
Type: Short Story
Length: 842 words
Stage: 2nd draft
Comments: It has, in its first draft, got two ratings on Scribophile. Both 4/5.

Onto the rest of the post, where A Different Kind of Magic actually plays a role:

I will be self-publishing a collection of short stories in an anthology titled The Colour at the Top of the World. It will be available on Smashwords and Kindle.

The bad news? I think I might charge for it.

The good news? I'll be publishing a second anthology before that, titled There Must Be Something in the Water, which will be made available for FREE (FREE!) download on Smashwords. It will contain half of the stories published in The Colour at the Top of the World.

EDIT because I was dumb last night: I'll probably be putting up a website sometime soon, and might be putting all the stories up there. The important thing is to get my name out there, right?

And... Another cool thing to update, so this blog entry will be like a short story sandwich:

Down Came the Moon
Type: Short Story
Length: 1600 words
Stage: First Draft
Comments: Shenan likes it! *glee!*


Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Different Kind of Magic

A Cat And A Meese is awaiting rejection over at the Girls with Guns anthology (http://www.tonyamoore.com/blog/2010/03/26/call-for-submissions-short-story-anthology/), haven't found time to write much for Meese, but I plan to put up A Different Kind of Magic on Scribophile tomorrow. Or... later today. However, tomorrow (or later today) is going to be quite busy- new job thing at 11:30, just to see if it'd work out and such, regular job in the evening... I'll be home at around 11-ish tomorrow night (or tonight).

Still can't figure out an ending. My instinct says she should be going with the wolf, but the way the story is, so far, set up, she's more likely, due to her character, to go back inside and continue her unmagical life.

So we shall see.

Canada Day was spent working, but I got to see the fireworks reflected on the Scotiabank building. Or was it the Canada Post building? I couldn't tell then.

So Canada Day is over, and the HST is here and my breaks, if I go out, cost me more. So I see a lot more free popcorn in my future.

For all the Kitty fans in the audience, which, let's face it, is what you're all really here for, there's a nice Kitty scene coming along involving a German, an airport, and a tazer.

Intrigued? You should be.

Till next time, folks!