Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1a. Kitty in the Airport

Kitty stood in the airport lobby, staring idly into space. In front of her, a piece of luggage swung round and round on the tin carousel, passing by her every thirty seconds or so. The place was otherwise empty of people, except someone behind the counter at the lost articles place and the guards at the gates. Her eyes were beginning to glaze over. She was getting dangerously bored. From behind her came the sounds of more luggage sliding down to another carousel, and the screens around her flicked the new flight on the display.

A man also came from behind her, and politely cleared his throat.

“You’re late,” she said, without so much as a twitch.

“I’m sorry- ah- customs,” he said. His accent was thick with German.

Sauerkraut, she thought, and that was all it took to turn her mood.

“I, ah, appear to have been followed,” continued the man. She turned around and looked behind him. Five uniformed guards were approaching them.

She grinned.

“Go get your bag,” she said, and he stepped around her.


Second half coming soon. I know what happens, just gotta write it.


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