Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Colour at the Top of the World

Well, I sure know how to deliver on my promise of Kitty! /sarcasm

Shit happened. I'll try not to make more empty promises. Here's some consolation candy.

A Different Kind of Magic
Type: Short Story
Length: 842 words
Stage: 2nd draft
Comments: It has, in its first draft, got two ratings on Scribophile. Both 4/5.

Onto the rest of the post, where A Different Kind of Magic actually plays a role:

I will be self-publishing a collection of short stories in an anthology titled The Colour at the Top of the World. It will be available on Smashwords and Kindle.

The bad news? I think I might charge for it.

The good news? I'll be publishing a second anthology before that, titled There Must Be Something in the Water, which will be made available for FREE (FREE!) download on Smashwords. It will contain half of the stories published in The Colour at the Top of the World.

EDIT because I was dumb last night: I'll probably be putting up a website sometime soon, and might be putting all the stories up there. The important thing is to get my name out there, right?

And... Another cool thing to update, so this blog entry will be like a short story sandwich:

Down Came the Moon
Type: Short Story
Length: 1600 words
Stage: First Draft
Comments: Shenan likes it! *glee!*



  1. -wishes she had a kindle-

  2. Kelly, refresh my really bad memory...Do we know each other in the "real" world? Are you a Sundance Kelly or another Kelly who I met at one time or another and the brain cells I dedicated to that memory were bleached out by vigorous applications of cheap white wine...

  3. Nah, I'm just a random person from the internet. Completely different city, completely different country. I've just been e-stalking your blog because I like to read it.

  4. Well good luck with the training. It's a lot to take in to begin with (if the company you're training with is anything like ours...)your mileage may vary. But I have to say that it is the most interesting, fun, frustrating, hot/cold job I've ever had. And while sometimes it's boring, it's never dull. You know what I mean?

    Word verification: "poopet"; like a Chia Pet, but with poo.