Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kitty 2

The train rumbled on in the tunnel, skreeing on the rails and clattering across junctions with a booming sound that did little to instill confidence. Kitty, pressed against the other standing passengers, was getting dangerously bored. Someone's suitcase was riding up her leg, and everyone was too close and there was nothing to see outside the windows except lights flashing by and the occasional Exit sign glowing briefly by. She shifted around a bit, and repositioned her leg against the luggage.

"Lost your way, my little elemental dear?" Said the lady to her right in a rather familiar voice. Kitty looked over, and bumped into suitcase man as the train rumbled around a corner.

"Got your attention, I see," said the lady's breasts. Kitty stared.

"Boobies," said the boobs, and then the hand she held began to laugh.

What the hell? Said Kitten, who, if looks were any indication, was the only other one to hear the voice. Kitty smiled. The laughter jumped back to the boobs. The woman who owned them was trying not to look at Kitty. Kitty laughed, too. She was beginning to like this voice.

"What are we doing tonight, Brain?"

She wondered if she could exchange it for Kitten. It seemed so much more fun. Somehow, however, she didn't think it worked that way.


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