Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trading Stories

Derek J. Canyon's Blog on Trading Short Stories is a great idea. It's like the Girls With Guns Anthology but without the Girls With Guns theme. The intent, anyway. A bunch of short stories by a bunch of different authors so there is a sampler out there that people can download and enjoy—and then of course buy stuff from the authors in there.

Maybe someone could start up a free trade forum or something, although that probably already exists.

Normal books—print books—have samples in them, too. I had this idea where, at the end ofMeese, I’d include that short story I wrote for Girls With Guns—since it is kind of a sequel to the book. It would go between Meese and that wonderful book I have on my mind that’s the realsequel to Meese, which I will now call Meese II for simplicity’s sake. It’s a wonderful book. All in my head, of course. Just like most of Meese.

Except, of course, for...

12010 words of it!

The word count meter says I’m 17% done it now, which is nice, except this blog post isn’t about Meese at all. But how could I go one post without a shameless plug for Meese?

Please excuse me. It’s somewhere after 3am.

Go check out Derek J. Canyon’s blog. It’s better than mine. All four of you.


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