Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolutions and Revolutions

Why hello 2011. I was watching a Marx Brothers movie when you came in. I do seem to recall neighbours banging pots and pans to bring you in, though. When I’m spending time with Dad, festivities fall by the wayside. The closest we got was muting A Night At The Opera to listen to the banging (of pots).

I’m sorry I didn’t bring you in properly. I know. I suck.

But I’m willing to make it up to you. I propose a deal.

I know, I know. Tonnes of people make deals with new years. Resolutions, they call them. I’d call mine a promise, except—as this blog proves—I really suck at keeping promises.

A deal, then. A few, actually.

  1. I will finish, revise, rephrase, rehab, and publish Meese.

  2. I will market Meese.

  3. I will finish, revise, rephrase, rehab and publish a collection of short stories.

  4. I will market them both.

I may also do well in school, on the side. Because I shall be that amazing.

Actually, I want Meese's first draft done by Friday. A bit of a silly deadline, but one that will make me lose enough sleep to get a fiar chunk of words in. Er. Wait a sec. It's Thursday now. Make that Saturday morning. I have a driving lesson that morning. There's no way this could go wrong!

I'm currently reading 10 Days That Shook the World. That's where the "Revolutions" part of the title came from.


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