Monday, January 24, 2011

Guy Gavriel Kay

Tonight I have come to a decision. It has little to do with this blog, but I thought you all should know about it.

I've decided who my favourite writer is. It is Guy Gavriel Kay. Now, in my small, insignificant brain, the battle for favourite had been going on between him and Charles De Lint. Both amazing writers and, for the icing on the cake, both Canadian.

I'm sure Neil Gaiman can fit in somewhere, but I've only read one of his books and I've read at least three each of the others'.

Now, what caused this sudden shift for supremacy betweek Kay and De Lint in my head, all zero of you ask? Well, since I don't mind talking to myself I'll tell you!

You see, I realized tonight that it's Kay's books that I think about more. In comparison to De Lint, I've only read three of Kay's books (I've read about 7-ish of De Lint's) and they still have me thinking about them. I finished Tigana months ago, and I still find my mind wandering to it.

Of course, now I'll probably go read another of De Lint's books be so stunned at it again.

It's my dream to be able to write as good as either of these authors. Being realistic, it's my goal to write about a quarter as good.

Anyway, I have to go do my homework. I've left it 'til the last minute again.

PS: Working on three short stories right now, just because I feel one isn't quite adequate enough. Fear not, Derek, I've got one main to finish. The other two are just back ups in case something goes horribly, irreparably wrong with the main.

PPS: Stay tuned for some changes to the blog layout next week. And by next week, I mean around February 1st and after. Maybe I'll even come up with a decent title!