Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sick As a Dog

Don't you just love asthma? The way it partners up with a chest cold to make nice little death rattle when you breath is absolutely lovely.

Oh well, I'd like to think I've had some productivity during this time. I mean, I wrote a whole 700 words for Meese! I feel so special. I've even edited two-and-a-quarter things so far.

So, updates.

I'm getting a website. A real website to call my own. Chatting up the web-designer about it, but so far the plan is to have a blog-style website like Cherie Priest, Lindsay Buroker, and Kevin O. McLaughlin--but fear not! I will be cross-posting blog entries to here as well.

I got my first rejection! I feel so special--like a real writer now!

Is there really only two-ish months of school left this term? Holy shit! How has it gone by so quickly? Soon I'll have to work on the term-paper. Maybe this time I won't wait until the week before to start it.


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