Monday, September 6, 2010

1b. Kitty Finishes With The Airport

The guards slowed and fanned out around her in a half-circle.

“Hi,” she said, a grin betraying her innocent face.

"You're under arrest." Said one.

"Am I really? What for?"

"Harbouring criminal intent."

Well, she certainly harboured plenty of that.

"I don't think you have the power to arrest me," she said, the trickster smile getting the better of her.

"We have the power to arrest anyone we want in this airport. Stay there, and take your hands away from your pockets, lady.”

“Lady?” She said, and slumped her hands into balls in her pockets. She pouted.

The pout didn’t last long. Suddenly there was something sticking in her skin, and it tickled. It had wires jerking back from her chest. She looked down at them.

“What the fuck?” Said one of the guards. Belatedly, she realized that it was probably a Taser.

They all waited a few seconds. Then Kitty pulled a hand out of her pocket and reached for the darts. One of the guards flinched.

A second set of them hit her thigh.

“Are you guys dumb?” Said the man as he, luggage hefted over his back, joined them. He stood behind her, and slightly to the side.

“Apparently,” she said, “you about ready?”

“Uh huh,” he said, and she pulled the darts out. He glanced around. “Cameras. Don’t make it obvious.”

She pouted.

“Could just be a Taser malfunction? Nasty things, these...” She said.

She flung them at the guards but, in a great anticlimax those men could really appreciate, they fell short. The man behind her sighed. He was tired. She took the hint and tapped her foot.

In the next moment, the guards were unconscious on the floor. One of them twitched. A small arc of electricity crackled around her smile.

“You got a car, I hope.”

“I’m driving,” she said, and pulled the keys out of her other pocket. There was a pink frog keychain attached to them. She made it squeak.


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