Monday, September 6, 2010

2. Kitty No Longer In The Airport

She followed a star on the edge of the sky. It was a pretty star, burning a twinkle in the pink sky, but it was a dumb thing to be looking at. Or following, for that matter. Stars didn’t have to worry about trivial things like tripping or traffic. They were much like following wishes. Or fishes. But at least one could swim with the fishes. Even catch them. Kitty had yet to find a way to, reliably, swim in the sky. She wondered if one could employ the same methods for catching fish as for catching wishes. Or stars. A whole new meaning to ‘fly’ fishing might surface.

Anyway. Following stars is all very romantic and all, but not when you trip and go sailing into someone’s ass. Fortunately for Kitty, she was much too tall to fall into her companion’s ass, so she happily settled for his shoulder. As far as asses went, he had a fair decent ass, and Kitty wouldn’t even be the first to say so. Except that the the fair decent ass’s person could be an ass.

The man, tall and blond, was used to sudden Kitty. Besides, she didn’t weigh that much. It took more than that to move him. He didn’t even look back as she righted herself again. He was beginning to have a new motto: It was Kitty.

He didn’t even ask anymore. At least she’d managed to keep quiet while he booked their room. And she carried her own bag. Actually, she was rather protective of the bag. She didn’t let him touch it. She almost bit him when he tried to carry it for her. He didn’t ask anymore.

The first thing she did, upon entering the room, was walk over to the kitchenette and stick her nose in the fridge. After a moment, it came out and the rest of her face pouted at him.

Someone ate all our food.”

He sighed, set his bags down on the floor, then turned to her. His face was very grave.

All of it?”

She nodded, her hand still holding the refrigerator floor. She’d turned around and, from this angle, it looked like she was about to sit in it. He tried not to smile.

You know, Kitty,” he said, annunciating very clear and slow, as if he were thinking it out, “I think I can find them. How about you stay here and guard our stuff while I go hunt them. Just in case they come back.”

She nodded very solemnly.

It’s about time you did something, anyway.”

He gave her a quick smile.

Was there anything special they ate that you were fond of?”

She nodded again.

They ate my spaghetti.”

Uh huh.

Right. I will go get them.”

With his wallet. At the nearest grocery store.

He still wasn’t sure why Kitty had these roundabout ways of telling him when it was his turn to do something, even if it was something as mundane as buying groceries. But he was beyond questioning it now: It was Kitty. He didn’t ask anymore.


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