Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Me Again

Yeah, okay, so I might possibly maybe totally suck at updating this. I actually have an excuse for lack of updates from the last post till the 24th- I had my math final on the 23rd, and was insanely busy with both jobs and studying.

But I have no excuse for the days following. Just sheer laziness and a distinct lack of anything writing-related. I read a book- Tigana, by Guy Gavriel Kay- which was very satisfying, but not conducive to actually getting things done. Good book, though. Very good.

Oh, I passed the test, in case anyone was wondering.

Anyway. I'm re-taking a leaf out of Cherie Priest's book (view her blog here!) and I'll be updating what I've actually done every few days. Which could be interesting since I'm doing a short story anthology, but I'm sure I can get it to work. If I tinker with the system.

SO! Without further ado, my project report:

There Must Be Something in the Water
Status: Being Written
A Cat And A Meese; 5254 words; final draft.
A Different Kind of Magic; 838 words; final edits.
Down Came the Moon; 1500~ words; first draft.
Untitled; 1500~ words; first draft.
She Stole My Heart; 1500~ words; first draft.
The Junkyard Unicorn; 1500~ words; first draft.
The Damn Bus; N/A; unwritten.
My Shadow Stole My Name; N/A; unwritten.
A Sword In the Stone; N/A; unwritten.

When I say a story is 'unwritten', I mean that most of it isn't written. The idea and the bones of the story is there, but it exists only in a page or three of my notebook. You see, I'm great at the 'make stuff up' part or storytelling, but really shoddy about actually writing it all down as it comes. Which is what I'm working on. Anyway. Just wanted you all to know I'm not just pulling titles out of my arse to pad the project.

You might notice a few titles missing or changed. The ones missing are ideas I've deemed too weak to continue on with. Like Lacewing. It didn't really have a story. Things that have changed are...
Wrong Bus-----> The Damn Bus
A Shadow Without A Name----> My Shadow Stole My Name

Some other tidbits to lure my readers back: A Sword in the Stone features Meese. Here's a quote:
"He found it in a quarry..."
Okay, okay. That wasn't much of a quote.

And, uh, that's time.

Stay tuned, uh.. uh... Monday... for your weekly shot of Kitty. No lies, I actually have it written this time! I just work Saturday and Sunday for about.. 10 hours on average... So probably won't get any updating over the weekend.


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