Saturday, September 18, 2010


So much for that writing entry. Wanna know what happened? It went like this:

K. Gorman returns home from school, carting a printer hauled on the bus from Future Shop. Deposits printer at mother's house.
K. Gorman decides textbooks are too damn heavy. K. Gorman elects to leave laptop at mother's house while K. Gorman stays at fathers house for the night. K. Gorman boards bus (~7pm).
7:30pm, K. Gorman arrives at fathers house. Learns that studying does not happen when Father is watching Guadalcanal Diary.
11:40pm, K. Gorman goes to bed because K. Gorman works early in the morning.
12:40am, K. Gorman remembers about forgotten blog entry, swears. Swears to get to it that night.

K. Gorman returns to mother's house after work.
K. Gorman leaves notebook at mother's house while K. Gorman goes to father's house.
K. Gorman swears more.

So that's what happened.

BUT! A peace offering... a different bit of writing. Coming up next.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm changing the title of sampler book "There's Something in the Water" to "There Must Be Something in the Water" to play on that phrase.


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